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1 Please cooperate with the school in ensuring an effective education for your children. This can be done by-
Providing facilities of studies at home
Providing Text Books, note-books and other requirements for your ward
Assisting and guiding in doing homework
Assisting your ward in removing any deficiency in particular subjects.
Depositing fee as per rules.
Providing proper school-uniform.
2 Please look into your ward's school calender frequently and see to it that the assigned home-work is done regularly.
3 Please see and countersign the remarks made in the School Calender regularly.
4 Should you feel or notice that your ward is not making the desired progress, kindly see the Principal. You are always welcome to the school to ensure the progress of your ward.
5 You may contact the Subject and Class teachers personlly in the Staff-room. Please don't disturb the class by visiting the Class-room.
6 Kindly send a leave application in respect of your ward addressed to the Principal through Class-teacher prior to the absence of your ward duly attested by you. Please don't request for half-a-day leave of your ward.
7 Please ensure that yout ward comes regularly to the school in neat, clean and tidy school uniform.
8 Please don't send your ward to the school when they have any infectious disease.
9 Please don't give expensive things to your wards.
10 Please ensure that your ward is escorted safely to school and back home.
11 Please teach your children to be tolerant, accommodative and disciplined.
12 For any act of undesirable activity, indiscipline, misconduct, misbehaviour, disobedience, suitable action will be taken, including dismissal.
Parents / students / Visitors can send thier suggestion/complain to our email kv1tambaram@yahoo.co.in

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